Some Years

10 january 2012 (still work in progress)
Half a life and some years before
We roamed the streets, we three
Limitless were possibilities,
For the first time, it seemed
I was from here, and you…

You were just in your silence
At least, all suffered alike.
Some questions remain :
Are mysteries revealed
Or is it like the corner bar?

A child you left in hock
Stares from a photograph
And now it comes to me:
Waiting for you
No one told me not to.

I’ve learned not to curse memory
When bored, it draws your car
At the end of the driveway. I can
Only now, imagine what they said
To keep you away. I’ve done it too.

From an ancient springtime
Black and white relics
I would give homage
To a day that’s just a-rattling
In the tin can of memory.

Were you here you’d frown
My nervous foot would tap
A semaphore of pleading.
No one told me, a nod
Could never escape you.

©2012 - C Ewen Mac Millan